Creative Strategy. Web-Based Experiments. Landing Page Design. SEO. Content Strategy. Consulting.

I can help you with:

Experimental Web-based Projects

Landing Page Design

SEO & Content Strategy

Analytics & Tracking

Research & Consulting

Below are more detailed offerings.

Experimental Web-based Projects

I can build:

Super fast websites or blogs using JAMstack architecture, custom CMS and any number of APIs
Twitter Bots using Javascript, Node.js, Python and machine learning
Slack or Discord Bots trained with machine learning Transformer models like GTP-2
Facebook Messenger Chatbots for one-to-one or one-to-many private conversations using platforms like ManyChat or Flow XO
Hypertext Narrative Projects using vanilla Javascript or libraries like Windrift, Twine
3D Websites using Javascript libraries like THREE.js
Animated GIFS for your websites or social media campaigns
“Net Art” inspired sites that will make you nostalgic for the 1990s World Wide Web.

I can haz internet!

Landing Page Design

I will help you:

Create beautiful landing pages that are strategically designed and consistent with your brand and messenging.
Design a delightful and intuitive user experience with a clear user flow and next steps.
Utilize universal psychological principles and persuasion frameworks to write great copy and organize the content on the page.
Consider each stage of the sale funnels while designing each section and determining the most effective structural pattern1 to deliver your content.
Write clear headlines that communicate your unique value proposition.
Write action-oriented CTAs that are placed strategically throughout the page.
Optimize for SEO by targeting the right primary keyword using natural language and variations of long-tail keywords.
Optimize for mobile and performance across multiple viewports and devices.
Use analytics and optimization tools to study traffic patterns and exit rates, run A/B or multi-variant tests, and optimize conversions.

You had me at landing…

SEO and Content Strategy

I will help you:

Conduct a site audit, make your site friendly to web crawlers, and improve your technical SEO and site performance.
Conduct keyword research, determine keyword difficulty, and improve keyword rankings.
Conduct competitor research to see what your competition is doing right, so you can do it better!
Conduct a backlink analysis and develop a link building strategy that will get high quality sites linking back to you.
Develop a content strategy and link building processes that scales with your business and aligns with your brand.
Track position rankings on different search engines, at country or city levels.

Page 1, here I come!

Tracking and Analytics

I will help you:

Use marketing funnels to qualify and categorize your prospects according to their current stage in the buyer’s journey.2
Set key metrics (volume of visits, leads, customers) against a monthly goal or compared to previous months.
Track leads by their source. Set specific goals for each of your marketing sources, so that you can measure your progress for your email marketing contacts, social media followers, or organic website visitors.
Track leads by campaign. For each individual campaign you can analyze the results to understand which efforts are successfully driving visits, leads, and customers.
Use heatmaps 3 to understand what users want, care about and do on your site.
Utilize monthly reports. Provides the necessary time to analyze why you did or did not hit your targets and what to improve on for next month.

Mmmmmmm, data. . .

Research and Consulting

I will help you with:

User research and persona development
Understanding internet subcultures and trends
Processes and workflows

Plz, help me!


  1. Structural patterns are templates for delivering content in the right order. The human brain is hardwired to look for content in a specific order. You must use a different pattern depending on whether you are trying to inform, evaluate or persuade. Wrong pattern = wrong results. ↩︎

  2. The Buyer’s Journey is made up of three phases: awareness stage, consideration stage, decision stage ↩︎

  3. Heatmaps visually represent a user’s clicks, taps and scrolling behavior– strong indicators of visitor motivation that can be used to improve your funnels. ↩︎