Aeon Laser US

Positioning and marketing strategy, catalog redesign, and new microsite for Aeon Laser's main U.S. Distributor.


A company selling laser cutting machines and engravers in the United States (B2B and B2C markets) was seeking to form an exclusive relationship between their company and the Chinese CO2 laser manufacturer, Aeon Laser.


For over a year, I have worked as a strategic partner on the design, marketing, and positioning challenges for the client company.

Key contributions include:

I led 100% of the design and development for the new Aeon Laser U.S. website. I structured landing pages, designed forms and user flows, selected fonts and graphics, and designed custom banners. I also built a lead generation tool that allows users to quickly put together an estimate of a custom laser package, which they can download or print.

I consulted and contributed to the marketing strategy for a recent trade show, which resulted in the rebranding and redesigning of Aeon Laser’s entire print catalog for the U.S. market, along with all of the promotional materials for that show.

I also worked closely with the CEO of the client company to develop a pitch deck and formalize a proposal for negotiating a multi-million dollar exclusive U.S. distributor relationship with the Chinese laser company.


Positioning and Marketing Strategist, Front-End Developer, Visual Designer, UX Designer, Consultant




Custom product builder flow


Aeon 2019 catalog, cover

Aeon 2019 catalog, spread

Aeon 2019 catalog, spread


This is what a strategic partnership looks like / everybody wins!

  • The custom product builder saves time - by minimizing the volume of unnecessary phone calls to the sales team, while delivering helpful information quickly and effectively to the potential customer.

  • The catalog I redesigned for the U.S. market is now being used by the manufacturer to promote Aeon Laser at trade shows in Europe.

  • A multi-million dollar exclusive deal is on the table.