Emily Knows

is a creative strategy consultancy.

My name is Emily. I am a creative strategist, SEO, front-end developer, and new media artist. I help clients communicate their vision and accelerate growth by leveraging strategy, creativity, data analysis, and bleeding-edge technologies.

Currently, I work with clients on:

Experimental Web-based Projects

Landing Page Design

SEO & Content Strategy

Tracking & Analytics

Research & Consulting

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HTML? Are you for real?

Yes, for real.

In 2010, I started teaching myself HTML and CSS in order to build a portfolio website for my art practice. In 2012, I got serious about coding and began building websites for small businesses and non-profits. As I learned more about user-centered design methodologies and modern web development practices, I also became obsessed with marketing and how all of these different elements come together to build audiences, grow traffic, and scale a successful project.

When it comes to education and training, I love to learn! I am that person that binge watches coding tutorials instead of TV series, and finds reading things like this 994 page SEO tome, guide to Javascript design patterns, and tell-all about how media manipulators work exciting and fun.

I love to share knowledge and am currently developing a community toolkit for machine learning as part of my ML5.js Fellowship (2020).

I actively keep up with best practices, web standards, and the latest trends in web development and digital marketing. I have completed several course certifications, including Treehouse’s Front-End Development track (2014), European Journalism Centre’s Data Driven Journalism course (2015), Hubspot’s certifications in Content Marketing (2018) and Inbound Marketing (2018), and mostly recently working on finishing my Google Analytics certification (2020).

I also have a professional art practice and hold a BFA in Visual Arts (2000) and an MFA in Digital Arts and New Media (2012), with specialization and training in visual thinking, speculative design, interactive installation design, tactical media, time-based media, photography, and new media theory.

I often use processes from UX and marketing in my art practice, and vise versa. This has led to some fun and unexpected projects, such as this interactive tour of an art criticism website that ends in a sweepstakes.

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If you want a strategic partner who is going to help you achieve goals by uncovering, understanding, and centering the needs of your audience before creating a single piece of content or recommending a strategy, contact me.

If you rejoice at the opportunity of using a critical or experimental framework for gathering insights and validating solutions, contact me.

If you are a fan of using humor and reverse tactics for soliciting authentic interactions, contact me.


When I’m not working, I spend most of my free time playing synths, making art , doing QiGong, and learning how to create respectful technologies and economic prosperity with and for communities at the margins with Color Coded.

Now what?

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I want to hear about business challenges, full automation fantasies, design thinking diatribes, wild speculative theories, how you’re building your internet empire and/or fighting the power, whatever – I’m ready!